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HRD, Learning Theory Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

HRD, Learning Theory - Research Paper Example In the work of Mason & Reynolds (2002), Thorndike’s works can be indicted to have had its history on the need by man to have animals learn from taught behaviors. This correlates with trial and error learning that indicates that animals learn through trial and errors. Tomlinson, (1997) indicates that animals will skillfully learn through repeating behaviors that will lead to rewarding and avoid ones that lead to punishment. As a lecturer and psychologist at Columbia University, where he researched on psychology of animal knowledge and educational psychology, Thorndike’s learning theory focuses on the role of the environment in the formation of responses in the course of learning and training (Happy, 2012). If a desired behavior is evident, then learning can be indicated to have occurred. Thorndike defines learning as an interaction between various stimulus and responses in an environment (Tomlinson, 1997). In the classroom setting, the educator is able to impact change in the learners by providing them with a token of appreciation each time they give the correct answer in a test. The educator may set a limit that would check for the achievers of that target. This will reinforce the learners towards working to a specific goal so as to attain the price. In the event of continuous and consistent rewarding, the learners end up cooperating in the learning process by all means so as to attain the set target. Happy (2012) refers the reward as stimulus which stimulates learning activities such as feeling towards the subject taught, thoughts of succession and capturing sense of need to acquire something new in the learning environment. Of essence, one would argue that the extent of the connection between the responses determines the extent in which the reaction will have a long-term effect on the objects. Thorndike is also of the opinion that through constant exercise, it is probable that the connection

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