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Animal Cruelty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Animal Cruelty - Essay ExampleIt is very important that favourite owners realize the fact that a pet is not some exotic, cozy, furry crawling thing that has to abide taking orders from them. Neither are they some kind of soft toys kept at home to give up few moments of excitement and joy in their monotonous life. When somebody decides to own a pet, they must own up the responsibility that comes with them. Like any otherwise living being, they have emotions and feel pain. They also like humans get hungry, fall sick, and more importantly grow old. It is not a very reddened picture when we take account of reality. Several reports of pet abuse from all across the globe, confirms the truth that pets are not always safe from animal cruelty. In various lanes and avenues of several cities, dead animals are a good deal found. Their dead bodies go by unnoticed. Cases of domestic pet violence are on the rise. Some good deal take their anger and frustration out on their pets. Many pets meet their death collectable to cruel behaviour of human beings. In most cases, their uncivilized owners themselves exhibit such inhuman behaviour. They kill their pets to express their frustrations and then dump their dead bodies in garbage bins. Some cruel pet owners indulge their pets in pet fights. With the purpose to win some money, the lives of these pets are placed in danger. People bet on the lives of these pets, who are trained to fight in rings. thence there are some eccentric celebrities, who endorse using pets as fashion statement. actually often, it has been seen that celebrities use pets as gift items or some stuff piece to wrap around. In suburban areas and villages, animals like donkeys and horses are used to carry loads and carriages. The owners of these animals often use whiplash to make them work faster. Very less care is given to these animals they are not properly fed or given medicine when they are sick. Many of them die early due to malnutrition and some die d ue to severe physical strain. Like human beings, some animals unable to bear the trauma loose their sanity. They become hysterical and often end up being hostile. Lack of nutrition, physical torture, being chained whole day to one location make many pets go monstrous in their behaviour. there have been some bizarre cases where pets have been found imprisoned in car trunks or dark attics, locked all entirely left to die. There have been some cases where pets were administered drugs, just for the mere sick pleasure of the owners. These are just a few examples to elicit, some of the brutalities that these animals are make to bear. (Hardcastle, 2008) Current Pet Abuse Scenario On March 29, 2011, an un-named Retriever was brought to the animal shelter of Guilford. The chink had suffered severe burns on his skins caused by some chemicals. The injuries were severe and the dog could not survive. The dog passed away the same afternoon he was brought to the shelter. The culprits are yet t o be identified. On the same day, Noelle Stanbridge a citizen of Ottumwa was found guilty of abusing her pet dog. She had hit her pet dog 15 times with a club. The irony is Noelle Stanbridge is famous in her circle as an animal activist. In New York, exclusively 79 cases of pet abuse were registered in the year 2010, which accounts for only 8 percent of the total pet abuse cases registered in USA, which stands at 986 cases for the year 2010 alone. There are majority of incidents, which do not even get

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