Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Theme of Dedication in the Movie Chariots of Fire Essay

The Theme of Dedication in the Movie chariots of Fire - Essay ExampleThis is because it involves the making of significant sacrifices, crucial decisions and options. It additionally involves the taking of several bold, courageous and unusual steps. At times, the choices may be tough if two vital options are involved. It is such choices that may lead to criticisms and discouragements from others. In this case, fealty plays an essential role in giving an individual the will to continue while bearing in mind the benefits of his or her activities. Ultimately the fruits of the action of give people are shown from the impact they create in the society as well as the reputation they present to the society. Dedication and Perseverance in Chariot of Fire The main theme brought out in this movie is that of fealty and commitment. This is shown in the events and results of the races in which Abraham and Liddell participated. It is revealed that for an individual to have this strong drive of dedication in that respect is an underlying reason. This is considered the main element that makes him strong in the implementation of his actions. Abraham notices a high level of anti Semitism among the staff and students at the University of Cambridge. He is convinced that he can take part in an activity that will prove the ability of Jews to succeed and thus eliminate prejudice (Bradshaw par. 1). It is one of the actions that he uses to peak their prejudice and superior feeling by ignoring their criticisms. Liddell, on the other hand, gains enjoyment from serving divinity as a son of missionary parents. In cattiness of his sister Jennies disapproval, he is convinced that, through his participation in competitive running, he will get a chance to glorify God (Ben, Charleson and Havers). This is before he goes for missionary work in China. As such, his main dedication is in the overall service of God in different fields. In addition, the action in which someone is to be dedicat ed should elicit the feeling of enjoyment. Despite the prejudice Abraham enjoys taking part in the Gilbert and Sullivan club. As such, dedication id brought about by various motivational factors. They include the numerous wins and victories that Abrahams gets within the college and in other national competition (Bradley, 576). These include the first time historical win at the Great Court run. It is these activities that give him the confidence of a greater win. It is from this that he attains the dedication to run in the effort to fight prejudice. In Chariots of Fire dedication is detected to be made stronger by the faced obstacles. During the 400 meter race, Liddell is tripped by a Frenchman. He is like Abraham, equally propel by his performance, and recovers the distance to his win (Ben, Charleson and Havers). This opinion is especially influenced by their convictions to take part in the race. Nonetheless, the main difference between the intended purposes of the Jew and Christi an in running activities also reveals this. While the Scottish Eric Liddell does it in order to glorify God, the Jewish Harold Abraham runs to escape from prejudice. The desire to achieve these purposes in the race prevents them from being disheartened and instead provides them with the strength to pursue their goals towards success. They thus possess a powerful will despite their different religious and racial affiliations. Ben, Charleson, and Havers use it to show that dedication in the same field surpasses the differences in different aspects.

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