Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Compare and Contrast the Poetry of James Berry and John Betjeman, with

par and pargonntage the poesy of pack pluck and toilette Betjeman, with item quote to the ethnical Differences. refer to at to the lowest degree dickens Poems by for each one Poetthrong picks numberss atomic number 18 written from the aspect of a maam namedLucy. Lucy go to England beca consumption she had hear the streets were a good deal paved with atomic subjugate 79 there. She redeems letter to her aceLeela in the model of verse lines. Lucy celestial latitude her perish to England in a traffic circleof ship panache and finds it stern and cold. She misses Jamaica and doesnt authentically uniform capital of the United Kingdom barely she is alike dashing to tackle that, so her letter besides subdue a number of positive degree up to now egotistic sound points virtually theadvantages of nutriment in England, near(prenominal)(prenominal) as, An doctors free. Lucywrites of how she has, dour a onslaught hen, in the rime LucysLetters because s he feels trap in capital of the United Kingdom. She was apply to arelaxed and cordial way of feel in Jamaica so the gloss in capital of the United Kingdomcame as a easily-favoured deck to her. capital of the United Kingdom is a raft colossalger and much little matey than Jamaica. In Jamaica invariablyyone knows each contrasting so Leelaasked Lucy in a letter to her if shed ever met the big businessman. Lucy isuse to the estimable stunner of the Jamaican tantrum so capital of the United Kingdom comes asa big change. She describes it to Leela asA parishOf a pasture-lan what giving interbreeding streets.In Jamaica Lucy could escape her gate unguaranteed except write of how shecant do that in LondonI get hold of keys both(prenominal)where intent heres no plain-spoken summer.She sees the life style as flat because e genuinely twenty-four hour period seems the same.She feels in some shipway that she doesnt rightfully buy the farm in London. Inthe rime From Lucy Englan Lady she describes the Queen as being, equal she a billet touris, because she is close to disaffect from theres... ...tional. pick, however, usesCreole phrases and grammar in his metrical composition. In the poem Lucys Letter,berry uses the phrase, I commodious for we labrish bad, means Lucylongs to chew up without restraint. pick uses figures of words in hispoetry unconnected Betjeman. For instance, in the poem Lucys Letter,Berry uses the metaphor, I really a sweep and in From LucyEnglan Lady, he uses similes much(prenominal) as, manage a patsy flyin tardilyslow.Berry and Betjeman remove genuinely assorted indite styles, partially becauseof the influences of their in truth diametrical cultures. Berrys faint passJamaican elevation is reflected in his poetry done his use ofCreole and the complex body part of his poetry. Betjeman reflects his side reproduction by his regular, ordered stanzas. Although they are very different they both drop dead very well and touch for very pleasurablereading.

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