Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Computational Fluid Dynamic Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Computational Fluid Dynamic - Assignment Example It can be used by architects to produce 3D models of their buildings, by engineers to model the production of their outputs and also by designers to improve the aerodynamics of the cars. a. Please list the governing equations of fire simulation and explain the physical meaning of each equation. To solve the equations, do we need to consider boundary conditions? Give three typical boundary condition examples. b. Explain the reasons why CFD codes are written in low speed solver and high speed solvers. A student is simulating an object flying at a velocity of 290m/s in the air using FDS6. Can this student obtain acceptable results and why? (7 marks) The reason why CFD codes are written in low speed solvers and high speed solvers is because the simulation and analysis of the of the flow models is dependent on a number of factors which include the geometry of the model, the size, the velocity and the mesh size of the model. FDS6 solver cannot be used to simulate an object flying at a velocity of 290m/s in the air since this is a relatively high speed and the FDS6 solver is only designed for low speeds making it unsuitable. c. What is background pressure used in FDS? Can different rooms have different background pressures? Please explain using a formula and define two pressure zones using FDS input instructions. (6 marks) The background pressure component can be said to be the background pressure component that is assumed to be applied to the whole domain of computation. A single department assumption was made in the old versions of FDS while new versions of FDS5 make the assumption that the background pressure of the whole system is not the same throughout the whole computational domain but it rather differs from one compartment to the other (Ferziger and Peric, 2006). The value of the pressure can be estimated by decomposing the above equation into perturbation and the background pressure. If one of the volumes of the computational domain is

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