Monday, October 7, 2019

Third world country Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Third world country - Essay Example Kenya is an emerging nation, which predominantly produces agricultural trade outs. The nation has enormous economical labour, which supports agricultural activities. Furthermore, the state has lush land that supports an assortment of agricultural activities. As such, farmer incurs minimal firming relative to other states, which may require irrigation to sustain agriculture. Overall, the nation can produce agricultural products like coffee or tea cheaply owing to factors that favour firming of the above commodities notably cheap labour and apposite weather. Conversely, Kenya encounters multiple hurdles in manufacturing owing to soaring expenditure on inputs. Consequently, the merchandise manufacture in this country lack competitiveness. Conclusively, Kenya has a comparative benefit generating agricultural commodities relative to manufactured merchandise (Kenya Investment Authority, 2011). Germany constitutes the elite nation with a diverse economy. Notably, manufacturing make a sizeable contribution to the economy. The country prides in phenomenal level of technology. The country has apposite technology that support manufacturing. Specialization has allowed mechanization to replace human labour reducing expenditure thus boosting efficiency. Germany has enough natural resources that avail a required component that sustain industrialization. Evidently, this country also possesses the required expertise to support manufacturing. Manufacturing particularly in the automobile sector necessitates expertise. Accordingly, presence of the relevant expertise has enabled Germans to undertake exceedingly technical manufacturing. Evidently, Germany has relative lead in manufacturing. The advantage arises from certain trait that the country possesses. Consequently, Germany leads in automobile assembly in Europe. Conversely, the unfavourable environmental condition makes agriculture an unviable option. Conclusively, adhering to this model would culminate in

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