Friday, October 18, 2019

Using Italic and Abbreviations in Writing Process Essay

Using Italic and Abbreviations in Writing Process - Essay Example Italics can be used in writing when foreign words are discussed in a sentence (Kirszner & Mandell, 2009). Example when using Latin words that are acceptable in writing the italics is applied. Italics also can be used for foreign words or phrases that are not considered fully part of the English language. Also, the use of italics can be when citing English words in writing. Instead of using single quotes you can use italics when citing English words that are being talked about in writing. The italics can also be used to italicize the names of vehicles. Italicize the names of ships, airplanes missiles, and man-made satellites. Italics also can be used when writing the name of the case in legal cases (Foster, 2010). Italics are used in the practice test in the tips section to improve your knowledge of when to italicize text. Titles of full-length books are to be italicized. Even if they are not books as long as they are longer than of a short few types pages these pieces get italicized. Titles of anthologies of pieces such as songs, poems, short stories, and short plays/essays should be italicized. Title of movie and television shows can be italicized in the writing process; individual scenes are to be enclosed in quotes. Another writing process written by Kirszner & Mandell is an abbreviation which is writing of short forms of names. The proper use of abbreviations can help the writer to put clear what is contained in the text. Also, if these abbreviations are used in excess they can bring about confusion. According to the MLA publication manual, it provides some of the effective suggestions concerning the use of abbreviations in writing. These suggestions include the general use of using the abbreviations that are; any expression that will be written in abbreviation form should be in full the first time it is used followed by the abbreviation in the parentheses and abbreviated thereafter.

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