Thursday, September 19, 2019

A case study on Levis Strauss. Essay -- Economics

A case study on Levis Strauss. Introduction Levis Strauss has been the market leader of blue denim Jeans since 1853, but of late the sales have started to plummet it has lost a huge amount of its share in the market. This has lead to closures of stores throughout America and layoff staff in this report I will look at the following questions 1. What is Levis Strauss environmental domain? 2. What factors in its environment are giving rise to opportunities and threats for Levis Strauss? 3. How are Levis managers trying to manage these opportunities and threats? 4. With reference to their Web site and additional research what is Levis current position. A report on Levis Strauss Question 1 Levis Strauss and co is one the worlds leading branded apparel companies. Levis design and market Jeans related products and casual clothes. Its product is sold world-wide. Established in 1853 by Levis Strauss it headquarters are based in San Francisco. It is a company that was valued over the 7 Billion dollar mark in 1997. Its most famous product lines are Silver Tab, Red Tab, Dockers and Levisengineered brand. At the current time Levis are trying to promote their New "Silver Tab" brand. It is regarded as their most "hippest clothes" and it appeals to the core teen market. Levis plan to spend 5 times the amount they have spent on the year before on promoting their products this is because they have realized recently they have lost a large sh...

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