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Movie Spider-Man Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Movie Spider-Man - Essay Example There are intriguing questions to argue with. First, is the scenario where Peter Parker, the main character played by Toby Maguire, allowed a criminal to escape carrying loads of cash in return to the bitterness that his prize money was not awarded to him when he won in the wrestling match. Is it morally advisable to let a criminal escape' Realising afterwards that the criminal who escaped was the same person who happened to kill his uncle, a great remorse hounded Peter until the third instalment of Spider-Man was released. What if his uncle spared the death' Would the situation be reversed' Would he finally think that it's alright to let the criminal go' Next, Peter's strange powers because of the bug-biting scene made his nerdy personality made him even more shut from the world and he had more reasons to hide his identity. Perhaps that is one reason why some people misunderstood him. But Maguire was able to furnish his character until the end with the innocent face that captured th e hearts of its viewers especially mothers and young girls. A marvel counterpart to DC's Superman is Spider-Man. In real life, Spider-Man is Peter Parker, who is a freelance photographer for the Daily Bugle. (Anderson, Howard, 1997, p.104) Spider-Man is a story of a not-so-nerdy teenager who happens to snatch the admiration of his best friend Harry (portrayed by James Franco) because of Science quiz bee champ personality. He was the kind of a guy who's being bullied in school and couldn't confess his love for Mary Jane who from the start of the movie has already captured the heart of the young hero. His life is an ordinary school guy who has been orphaned by his aunt and uncle in a suburban housing project. He met his luck on a laboratory runaway when a radioactive spider bit him. (IMDB, 2002) Then, no one could ever imagine how his life changed. He gained his confidence, willing to woo to his dearest one whom he loved since he was six. The girl, MJ was just living next door. It took him years for him to be able to find chance to display his affection by beating the bullies which happen to be one of them is the boyfriend of MJ. The physical changes such as clear eyesight and bigger physique, the ability to crawl on walls and jump over buildings do not change him mentally and emotionally. Peter acquired a superhuman strength and super-fast reflexes, and he developed a precognitive sense that warned him of approaching danger. (Hammer2Fall, cited in IMDB, 2002). Peter realised that with such powers he can win MJ so he used it to make money. But after his uncle is killed, Peter promised to stop the criminals that killed his uncle. Later on, he devised a suit to continue chasing after evildoers by using his powers. But the domination of good over bad didn't last long. An eccentric millionaire Norman Osborn administered a performance enhancing drug on himself and his maniacal alter ego Green Goblin emerged. The twist emerged when Peter was unaware that Goblin is Norman Osborn, portrayed by Willem Dafoe, the father of his best friend, Harry. Here, Peter faces a dilemma. Peter must now juggle three things in his life: his new job at a local newspaper under a

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