Saturday, September 28, 2019

E-mails Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

E-mails - Essay Example Carnival Cruise Line is so apologetic because of that unfortunate event that saw you served cold food and remain stranded at sea for 36 hours with the help of light from the generator to see. The management of the company sat down and decided to offer a compensation of the incident through providing of a 50% discount on a cruise similar to that of Bahamas in terms of value. This is to show how touched the company felt with the loss that the delay caused all of you. It is clear that everyone on board was irate but it is a kind request that we forget about that. Carnival Cruise Line has a plan that will ensure that no such incidents occur in the future. I can assure you of better services and smooth rides on our ships from now henceforth. We are looking forward to better cruises together. Regards J Crew, being your preferred shopping centre wishes to make a simple clarification to you, especially for the case of those who made orders for the Cashmere Sweaters at a price of $18. From the advert that appeared on our website concerning the price of the Cashmere Sweater, I am obliged to write to you this email in order to apologize for a mistake in quoting the price. The ad indicated that the Cashmere sweater was going at $18. This typo error has seen us get numerous orders from our esteemed customers ordering for this classy wear that is trending on the market now. The price for the sweater is $218 but given the fact that the mistake is on the side of J Crew, we kindly request you to bear with us and reorder the same at discounted price. The first figure of $18 should be disregarded and a consideration to reorder the trendy Cashmere sweaters at the below discounted prices be made. The mistake should not discourage you from making an order again given that we are selling them with good discounts. The sweaters are modern wear and cool for youngsters especially. Kindly go to

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