Saturday, August 24, 2019

Benchmarking for Air Export Procedure in Thailand Literature review

Benchmarking for Air Export Procedure in Thailand - Literature review Example Six sigma a. Advantages of Six Sigma b. Disadvantages of six Sigma iv. Benchmarking a. Advantages of benchmarking b. Disadvantages of benchmarking v. conclusion Introduction Air transport is one of the most advanced and heavily relied means of transport not only by the developing but also the developed countries. An efficient air transport will smooth the progress of both economic growth and development of any country. In order to promote the export trade and consequently improve the rate of economic growth, Thailand will have to perform the expected duties in improving the statures of its infrastructures in order to be in the same standard as other developed economies or meet the international standard. Through business process improvement, Thailand will be able to approach its fundamental progression more analytically in order to accomplish more proficient results in air export. This article will look at some of the business process improvement tools, that Thailand can incorporate in it air export in order to realize the best results. Advantages of BPI in terms of supply chain and logistics performance Business process improvement is a methodology that allows business to approach its processes more analytically in order to achieve more dexterous results. According to Frazelle (2002, P.234) the strategy is applicable not only to the manufacturing companies but also to the service offering corporations. Among the positive consequences that can ensue as a result of incorporating the BPI with both supply chain and logistic performance as articulated by Christopher (2005, P.67) is the fact that BPI will to a big deal enhance the system of association by the stakeholders involved in moving products or services from the supplier to customers to be approached more systematically in order to realize more exemplary results. Lambert (2008,P.345) echoes similar sentiments to those of Christopher by claiming that through BPI, some logistic services could be outsourced and in the process leads to increased and better performance. Literature review Business process improvement Tools Business process improvement (BPI) tools are methodologies that permit people to develop into being more proficient in their processes. Through employing BPI tools in its undertaking, a business can recognize its weak points and recover its operational effectiveness. Among the BPI tools that are commonly utilized by many business organization include; 1) .Risk assessment analysis This particular tool entails identifying and at the same time trying to reduce or mitigate risk or chances of a risk taking place in the process (Harrington, 1991p.176). According to the same author, this particular tool is a proactive methodology that endeavors to avoid chances of risk being created from the process. Harrington (1991p.176) further remarks that the tool goes a long way in enabling the process to be perfected by doing things right rather than seeking to the right thing. In his argu ment Harrington observes that risk assessment analysis do not only act as way of warning the management of an impending risk but also try to reduce the chances of such a risk hindering the improvement process of the business process. Advantage of risk assessment analysis I. Through this tool the company or organization is relieved inconveniences that could have accrued as a result of the risk being created I the process. This cost could have been associated with means of eradicating them, which to a great extent may entail

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