Sunday, August 4, 2019

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Introduction India is the world’s second most populous country after china having a population that exceeds 1 billion people (Indiastat, 2014). Jason Burke from The Guardian’s newspaper claims that India wants to join the Russians, the US and the Europeans by sending a rocket to mars: to steal china’s existing situation and despite it’s failure the government insists on sending the rocket again. The Economist newspaper mentions that it’s not just India that has space ambitions but other countries too. Such as China and Nigeria. However, a number of people believe that the Indian population cannot afford the mission to mars because of the poverty they suffer of. This essay will highlight the reasons of why the Indian population cannot afford the mission, which will include the malnourished population, the homeless and lack of education. Malnourished population The World Health Organization reports that India’s malnutrition rates are between the worst in the world (Stuart, 2013). Jason Burke from The Guardian newspaper claims that it is estimated that More than 40% of the children living in India are malnourished. Food is considered one of the main essentials of life and without it the person cannot survive. The Economist newspaper mentions that two-fifths of the India’s children remain underdeveloped from malnourishment. The Economist adds that India's space ambitions could appear like a spare of money. Most of the government’s money is directed toward the attempt for the success of this mission. India’s space programme cost approximately 1Billion$, with the failure of the mission it requires another billion dollar for the second attempt. This can jeopardize the million lives of the poor residents of India. Considering the est... ...mars mission will have to wait for another 2 to 5 years for another chance (Burke, 2013); which means that the population of India will have to struggle and survive till the Indian government would provide them with all their needs. Conclusion The discussion above has examined evidence, which supported my hypothesis that the Indian government cannot afford the mars mission because of the malnourished population, the homeless people and the lack of education. Indeed, as previously discussed India’s high population is enduring the pain and the poverty. The mars mission could have devastating effects on the Indians since all of the money is directed toward this expenditure. The National governments should examine the status of each individual in India; to prioritize the people needs over the governments and to create a stronger nation that do not suffer poverty.

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