Saturday, August 10, 2019

Perception Of Nature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Perception Of Nature - Essay Example For years, the imagination that all other organisms are less intelligent and incapable of expressing themselves in the same as humans may be utterly wrong. There seems to be an intelligent interconnection of nature between all its components. Science is a growing field whose previous conclusions have made us have a mindset of how nature should be. However, some of the findings that are coming up tend to disapprove the traditional notions. Therefore, there is an intelligent interconnection in nature amongst all its components. Nature is very intelligent and it is highly unlikely that one of its components can fully fathom of this intelligence. As noted by Marten (256), there are various perceptions that human having towards nature. He points out five common perceptions that people have considered nature. Looking at each one of them, there are valid basis in which it is established. However, these basis are not in any way conclusive. The interconnectivity of all the components of nature provides a platform in which understanding of nature becomes a bit more complex hence making humans incapable of having a full understanding of nature. However, through science humans have been able to grow their knowledge of nature bit by bit. Humans are part of the nature and to a large extent they have a limited scope of understanding the view of other components of nature. This makes its unreasonable to rely on the perception that humans have harbored over years about their supremacy and intelligence. Below is a good ex ample that demonstrates the capacity of other animals (elephants) to demonstrate some so called ‘human character.’ Empathy is a virtue that is highly prevalent among people and it is unimaginable that elephants too have this virtue. This worldview is based on the basic assumption that other animals are subject to our manipulation and hence they do not have their own discretion. This indicates that humans have for

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