Monday, August 12, 2019

Thiory and idiology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Thiory and idiology - Essay Example This paper will critically examine the specific changes that Anarchism and Marxism advocate for and in addition to this, the paper will also will also seek to contrast and compare what the resulting society might look like with respect to the application of the socio-economic and political characteristics that are advocated for by the Anarchism and Marxism. Marx argued that capitalism was essentially the most progressive economic system to have ever been developed and that it was an essential stage in the development of socialism. He is also noted to have attributed most of the ills that are prevalent in the contemporary society as having been brought about by capitalism1. According to Marx, capitalism had led to the development of an economic production mode that allows for the poor individuals to continue being poorer while the richer keep on getting even richer. He also believed that the profits of capitalism are taken from the amount that happens to be produced over and above the actual wage that is paid to the customer. In his book, Sargent point out that Marx was of the belief that the state was the tool that the dominant bourgeoisie class used in the suppression of any attempts by proletariat class to better themselves2. He also contended that as long as the bourgeoisie remained as the dominant class in society, the government w ould constantly remain as its tool and as such it could never be made responsive to the innate needs of other classes. Marx’s ultimate goal of full communism advocated for the development of a situation where there would be no state in a similar development to that promoted by anarchists3. Although its initial roots are traced back to classical Greece, of note is that anarchism emerged as a major modern ideology at about the same time as Marxism. The term anarchy is primarily used to denote a situation where there is no ruler or chief. Anarchists believe that classes

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