Thursday, August 15, 2019

Improving Schools Essay

There are many improvements that can be made to our school. These improvements will progress the school into a higher grade of learning for students. There are many different facets to our school and small, inexpensive, environmentally friendly changes need to be made. Making changes to the school will help the students achieve higher grades, and therefore have even more university and college acceptance. Improvements such as free internet, a library on campus and free parking will for sure be solutions with a positive aftermath. My first suggestion to improving the school is free internet. Internet can be a positive solution for those students in St. Louis that English is not their first language. They can access translation sites to help them better understand the reading material and course assignments. Diagrams for courses with maps and graphs can be accessed on the internet. This will save paper for teacher, therefore creating a more environmentally friendly place and also will help students see the diagrams first hand in colour. We have decided as a democratic society that education is a right, with this right we must provide the tools to make it accessible, the internet will further progress students learning in variable ways. My second suggestion is that we have a library on campus. Through the library we can borrow books; this is a great solution to those who can’t afford to buy books. Buying books outside of school can be expensive and what can you do with them after you read them, borrowing them for the library is a simple and environmentally friendly solution. The library is a good place also to work on assignments and group projects on the lunch hour, this helps students get the work done and hand it in on time and also provides a work space other than their house. In addition to the above point, since we decided education is a right, it is imperative that a library be added for those who can’t afford a computer, internet etc. A library is a place for those to access the tools to have a better learning experience such as typing out assignments and accessing internet for class. We have decided education is a right but again we must provide to make that right available to all. Lastly, we should have free parking. Free parking has many positive variables. For instance, if we issue free parking for students we could insist that students carpool to reduce parking space demand, this will also lower our ecological footprint and therefore be good for everyone. Students coming from Cambridge, have a hour long bus ride to  get to the Kitchener campus and most of them have to come to the the Kitchener campus because Cambridge doesn’t offer University level courses. Free parking would make that drive less of a hassle that it already is. Also many students as St. Louis have kids and or a job. Free parking would aid in getting to work on time, or getting their child from daycare on time. In conclusion, our school has made a great start. But it is time to make even more effort to make students success more efficient. With solutions like free internet, a library and free parking we will reduce our ecological impact, make student life more enjoyable, and having a higher acceptance to University and College. We have decided that schooling is a right, with that we need to give students what they need to succeed. Our society will better from educated people that can support themselves, rather than people that depend on society. Education is not only for the now, it is forever.

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