Saturday, August 31, 2019

Major Research Areas of Bioinformatics

Major Research Areas of Bioinformatics Engineering is a diverse discipline, which includes several different fields and different branches. One important branch of engineering is biomedical engineering that consists of the study and design of new technologies related to biology and medicine. The field of biomedical engineering is further divided into additional areas, one being bioinformatics.Bioinformatics is a special part of biomedical engineering that focuses mainly on the development and enhancement of approaches for the purpose of storing, retrieval, organization and analysis of different forms of biological data. The field includes the development of different software tools that provide biological knowledge and advancements. One major part of bioinformatics is research and thus we would discuss some of the major research areas of bioinformatics. Sequence analysis is a new and one of the most important research areas of bioinformatics.It is nothing but the study of the DNA and genome sequences of different organisms. The study of such sequences help in the comparison of genes and thus leads to the development of new approaches and new technologies for the development and use of genome sequences for different purposes and for the development of new species. These studies can even be used for the identification of causes and treatment options for genetic disorders. Evolutionary biology is another major research area that makes use of bioinformatics for further developments.Biology is no longer limited to theories and theoretical models and studies. Bioinformatics is used in different ways for calculating different aspects of biology, whether it is DNA sequencing or some other numbering. The research in computational evolutionary biology helps in examining the information related to different species and organisms that can be further used for the enhancement of the field into future developments. The study of protein expression is also a major research area for bioinformatics.The working of the human body or any other organism on earth is highly dependent on the way the proteins in their bodies work and function. Thus, an analysis of proteins present in the bodies of different organisms helps in better statistical and theoretical analysis. Cancer mutations are difficult to analyze and study but not for bioinformatics. The examination of the cancer mutations is one of the major research areas of bioinformatics and thus can slowly and steadily helps in the treatment of he currently incurable disease of cancer. This research area includes several things, starting from the study of tumor lesions to the mutants that can help in curing the disease. The research areas of bioinformatics are vast and include several different areas and fields. Comparative genomics, network and systems biology and high-throughput image analysis are some of the other research areas and these areas would continue to multiply in number with time. Reference link: h ttp://classof1. com/homework-help/engineering-homework-help

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