Wednesday, August 28, 2019


PROJECT MANAGEMENT ASSESSMENT - Project Plan - Assignment Example The plan includes a project initiation document that explains the objective and the importance of this project. Thereafter a detailed work breakdown structure has been formulated explaining the entire task associated with the project. A staff plan as well as a budget plan has also been drafted in order to explain the management regarding the requirements of the project. A project schedule has also been prepared giving an estimate of the time required to bring the project to its conclusion. The project involves the implementation of various project management tools in order to ensure the feasibility of the project. Table of Contents Project Title 4 Responsibilities of the Project Manager 4 Project plan overview and critical assumptions 4 Project Initiation Document (PID) 4 Objective 5 Stakeholders 7 Internal Stakeholders 7 Work breakdown structure 8 8 Staffing plan 10 Role Requirements 10 Project Schedule 11 Budget plan 11 Quality management plan 12 Risk management plan 12 Communicati on management plans 13 Appendix 17 Project Title Development of customer services department of Responsibilities of the Project Manager The project manager will be primarily responsible for the completion of the project. The individual working as the project manager will have the responsibility of supervising the project from its initiation phase through to its execution phase and then to its completion phase. The project manager, in close connection with the project sponsor will have to develop the business case. The project manager will be required to develop a feasible project plan that caters to identify the resources that is required for the fulfilment of a particular project. In addition to that the project manager will also manage the completion of the project in accordance with the project team. The individual is also responsible for reporting the status of the project to the higher authorities such as the project sponsor, the project advisory board and the top level management of the company. The individual will also direct his/her attention towards risk management of the project and escalation of issues which are detrimental to the life of the project and cannot be resolved by the project team thereby making sure that the project stays in schedule and is very well within the budget (Project Smart, 2013). Project plan overview and critical assumptions Project Initiation Document (PID) The project initiation document will give a comprehensive overview of the project plan based upon which the project will be authorized and thereafter permitted to progress. The documents will also serve as a foundation on the basis of which the project will be evaluated in terms of the delivery timescales associated with the project as well as the content and quality of the deliverables. In addition to that, the purpose of the project initiation document is to set forth the detail required to successfully carry out and control the project thereby facilitatin g communication between the stakeholders of the project. The project plan is a dynamic and expandable and is henceforth expected to change over time with the availability of more information regarding the project. Objective The

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