Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Describe a Person who has influenced you in either a bad or good way Es

Describe a Person who has influenced you in either a bad or good way Bright blue paint was chipped off the tarnished wooden siding. The glassy images were blurred, and their sills seemed to be decaying under the large collections of dust. There was a young girl playing by herself in the unkempt front lawn. This dwelling always caught my attention; it attracted me in a peculiar way. Whenever I walked down my block, my awareness was drawn to this particular house. Its run-down look set it apart from the rest of the houses on Tuttle Street, but I soon realized the contents within this house were priceless. â€Å"We have a new student today,† Mr. Kurys ecstatically said. She seemed familiar, but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly why. It didn’t matter to me anyway; I already had my group of friends. â€Å"Wait a minute†¦. What’s her name?† That’s impossible! I have never met another Justyna before. From that day on, I looked at this girl from a completely different perspective. Just because we had the same name, I began to pay a little more attention to her. Before I knew it, two years passed and we were now in sixth grade. Justyna & Justyna BFF was written on practically anything we could think of. Her move from catholic school to our small public school became a huge impact on the next few years of my life. I was always over her house, if she wasn’t over mine. Having different classes was fine; we always managed to meet in the bathroom or by the water fountain to d...

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